Friday, February 18, 2011

Lilly Cake for Molly

Here is another cute dress from the Spring 2011 Lilly Pulitzer Collection! This dress is the Wyatt dress and the pattern is called Classic White Let them Eat Cake!  Isn't it adorable? Ughh, I am in love...again...:)

The Wyatt Dress!

The Pattern: Classic White Let them Eat Cake

Today is Molly Ringwald's Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Molly:)  Pretty in Pink is one of my favorite movies ever!  I love all Molly's movies from the eighties. (Even though I did not see them until the nineties..HA!) Although I don't remember much about the eighties, I love the decade that I was born in and can't get enough of anything eighties! The music, the styling, the tv shows...I could go on forever but that is another blog for another day:) 

The most romantic scene ever...well maybe not ever but soooo cute!

Click on the picture below to view my favorite scene in pretty in pink...Duckie is too funny!



  1. Love the Lilly Pulitzer dress :) So pretty !

  2. Hi Tammy! It is cute isn't it? I love the fabric...maybe I love it so much because of my sweet tooth! Have a good day:)